Chunakah Clown 5 of 8

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part five (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown. Copyright Steve Schatz 2018 From  Share with others. Sign up for the mailing list and I will let you know the next time I serialize a story.

The Chanukah Clown by Erica Berent


The clown art is from my dear friend Erica Berent. Check out her art work at

“It is time for the gift,” said the old man at last and brought forth the box. With great ceremony, he pulled off the wrapping paper – all the while looking at the girl and then, with a slight hesitation, opened the box, pulled the clown out and held it out to the little girl.[end of 4]

“See, my dear one? See the pretty clown Uncle has brought you for Chanukah? See how happy he is? Doesn’t it make you want to smile, too?”

And all three stared at the still, little child and the bright, happy clown and the hoped and looked for some sign, some slight stirring from the girl.

But nothing happened. Nothing changed.

After a time, the old man’s face fell and with great sadness, he leaned the little clown against the menorah, among the collection of candies, dradles and small toys, so it, too, could watch the still child.

He sighed and looked very old and tired.

“Forgive me Arthur… Bessie. Forgive the ravings of a silly old man. I am sorry. I felt sure it would work.”

The old man looked down once more at the motionless little girl, touched her cheek, turned and was gone.

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