Chunakah Clown 6 of 8

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part six (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown. Copyright Steve Schatz 2018 From  Share with others. Sign up for the mailing list and I will let you know the next time I serialize a story.


The Chanukah Clown by Erica Berent


The clown art is from my dear friend Erica Berent. Check out her art work at


The mother and father stood there for some time more, looking at the girl and the candles so cheerfully burning down and they held each other very close. And after a while, because they could not bare to be there when the final candles hissed into darkness, they turned off the lights and left, too.

And the remaining ends of the candles burned brightly. The flickering, dancing flames cast patterns of light and shadow over the face of the girl and the toys and the little Chanukah Clown.

And as they burned, the little clown stirred – just a bit at first, but more and more until, finally, the little clown stood right up!

He stretched his arms and legs, made a few funny faces and smiled – ever so happily. He looked over at the little girl, expecting a smile in return, but she only lay there, so still, so pale.

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