Chunakah Clown 7 of 8

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part seven (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown. Copyright Steve Schatz 2018 From  Share with others. Sign up for the mailing list and I will let you know the next time I serialize a story.

The Chanukah Clown by Erica Berent

The clown art is from my dear friend Erica Berent. Check out her art work at

He stretched his arms and legs, made a few funny faces and smiled – ever so happily. He looked over at the little girl, expecting a smile in return, but she only lay there, so still, so pale.

“Why this won’tdo!” thought the clown. “How can I be a special gift if she doesn’t play with me? I must take care of this right away!”

The little clown stepped up to the pile of toys under the menorah. Hepicked up two dradles that matched the one in his hand and faced the still child. The clown then began to juggle. He juggled with his eyes closed. He juggled and danced. He even stood on his hands, juggled with his feet and smiled THIIIISSSS big.

He juggled the dradles in the light of the candles and sang a special, happy song of birds and trees and wind and hills and springtime.

And as he sang and danced and juggled in the light of the Chanukah candles, the little girl’s eyes fluttered and then… they opened. She saw the little clown dancing and she smiled and stretched out her hand.

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