Guns and shooting

Interesting that when there is another shooting, things get very quiet around the NRA and other gun advocates. It should be obvious why. 1) There’s no argument to gain traction. 2) Those interested in controlling mass killing machines will soon be horrified by a new outrage. 3) It will be months or years before any legislation comes from it – if ever (and see #2). 4) Gun sales go up afterwards. I figure this is due to two things – wackadoos who think their right to own an arsenal might be curtailed and those who think that owning a gun might keep them safer.


I wonder how this ties in to the lack of conscription. It used to be that a good percentage of folks who wanted to shoot and be shot were able to do so in wars. That hasn’t been much of an outlet. So, those entities haven’t had the opportunity to exit.

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