Happy Chanukah – The Chanukah Clown Final

Here is the final segment of The Chanukah Clown. Thanks to all who have read and shared. At the bottom of this post is a link to a copy of the complete story.

And as he sang and danced and juggled in the light of the Chanukah candles, the little girl’s eyes fluttered and then they opened. She saw the little clown dancing and she smiled and stretched out her hand.

And when her mother and father came in the next morning, they found her asleep with the little clown clutched in her hand on the pillow beside her and a smile on her face.

Unbelieving, they leaned closer to look and she awoke. With cries of joy, the three embraced each other – laughing and crying and thanking G-d for this miracle.

Andas the little girl grew into a woman, she always kept with her thelittle Chanukah clown and, although he never again juggled for her,she would always smile when she looked at him and remembered thatmost special of Chanukahs and the wonderful little Chanukah Clown.

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