The Body Finders

The new Becket mystery, The Body Finders,  is now available online, at the Becket General Store and at the Athenaeum.

It is recommended for ages 9-13 (although there is some gross stuff).


Here’s the story:

Mattie died nearly 88 years ago, washed away in the big flood as her Pa tried to kill her with an ax. She can’t get into the graveyard until someone finds her body. In only 10 days, she’ll be banished to the Badlands forever. Problem is, no one can see her except a crazy old lady, so no one can help her look.

Nate got dragged to the little hick town by his mother, away from his dad and his friends back in Boston. He just wants to go home. Then, he sees a girl with water pouring off her like a river, but when he talks to her, she dissolves in front of his eyes. For some reason, he can see Mattie.

Mattie needs his help and won’t take no for an answer, tearing off half the skin on her head and shaking the mess in his face, while threatening worse if he doesn’t get with the program. So, reluctantly, Nate agrees. With the help of some friendly old lady ghosts, the crazy cat lady and a librarian, Nate and Mattie set off to find her body. But time is running out and Mattie’s Pa is back from the grave, swinging his ax and trying to stop The Body Finders.

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