Kids Poems

Some fun. Some silly. Some with a touch of ewww. Usually good to draw a picture about.


  1. Of COURSE I did my homework…but the troubles I have had!

  2. Perils of Pluto

    It used to be a planet – now what is it? Why? And if we can’t use My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies, what can we us?

  3. The Sun and the Ground – A Love Story

  4. My Nose KnowsYou never know when someone has a hidden talent. I have one.
  5. Ode de Fart

    Everybody laughs at them, but hey…few things can be more fun…especially in a crowded class.

  6. Reginald is Daphne’s little brother. She tries to bring some class into the family. Reginald doesn’t do class. Two poems.

    Civilizing Reginald

    From Daphne’s point of view) and

    Daphne the Dancer

    from Reginald’s point of View).

  7. Go Fetch 

    My sister Rebecca was not crazy about dogs. This one won her over and got her to throw a ball. She didn’t do very good, but she DID mess up her back.