Lovely phrase

I’m working on a rewrite of Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe, a book about a group of friends who come to drink and talk every summer Sunday in a run down gay bar in a small, Indiana college town. I enjoy the book, as I get to play with language a lot. I’m adding the entrance of the villain. He is a bit too short and a bit too fat to get away with the leather/cowboy attire he is trying to pull off.

This morning, I was visited with this line –

As a less than slim person I am aware that those who tend toward the rotund are not well served by skin tight leather garments. Leather stretching to contain a body puts one in mind of the original owner of the skin. Not a flattering comparison.

The man in the doorway had obviously not read the memo on this.

This is why I write. I hope it pleases others, but it sure tickles me.

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