Betty Does Da Bump

Betty does da bump

By Steve Schatz


I don’t dance, big Betty Brown barked

Go way and leave me be!

I know your game. You got no shame.

Can’t make a fool of me.

Get the fat gal spinnin ‘round.

Then trip her up.

Make her fall down.

So’s you can laugh.

Your friends laugh too.

Jest go away. I’m on to you.


But still he stood, hand held out, cheeks full up with grin.

Grin that tickled to his eyes

and spilled all down his chin.


“Now listen to me Betty, listen close and learn

We all got dance inside ourselves

and Betty,

it’s your turn.


You got to get up on that floor,

You need to learn to bump

It’s time to shimmy. Time to shake,

Time to move and jump.

I’ll stand here for eternity   – come on take a chance.

Heave yourself up out that chair.

Close your eyes and dance


I’ll show you how to do it Betty. Your body knows the way.

Fix your eyes into my eyes –let all else fade away.

All else will fade away.



Stand on up!  Can’t you hear that drum?

Can’t you feel that beat?  Callin come Betty, come Betty, come Betty come!”



Betty couldn’t help it. She was up, out on the floor

The grin that he was grinnin wide, began to spread out more.


“Now move whatever wants to move

shake it all around.

Listen to the music.

Roll around the sound.

Something wants to swoop or bend? Do it! Claim your right.

Let the music loosen up

whatever’s feeling tight.”


And Betty caught the feeling. Betty caught the groove

Betty started shaking

And started in to move.

Betty’s arms were waving, scooping up the breeze.

Her feets kicked higher than the moon.

To flabilate her knees.


She leapt up high.

She tripped and fell.

and didn’t care at all.

She bounced back up,

laughed and roared

as if she’d planned to fall.


The drums shook Betty’s bottom.

And Betty shook it back.

Slapping rhythms on herself,  Synchopatin  THWACK a THWACK.


Betty bumping round the floor. Betty grinning, wanting more.

She was hooked, she had to bump. She had to shimmy. She had to jump.


Betty and da bump that night, Twas what she hadta learn

Now Grins and Chins is standing here –

and  guess what..


it’s your turn.