My Nose Knows

My Nose Knows

By Doktah McSteviePoo


You’ll never believe what I put up my nose.

A great big balloon,

My mom’s garden hose.

Billy’s new train set,

Jane’s favorite doll.

The dog’s squeaky chew toy

I found in the hall.

A little red wagon

An old teddy bear

I shoved em all in, but there’s more room up there.


I put in my rain boots that I never liked

I even found room for my sister’s old trike.

I was looking for more,

When I heard my mom shout

So I stuck in my finger

And pulled it all out.

Everything’s back.

It’s all good as new.

That is, if you don’t mind

A thin coat of goo.

While no one can blame me.

I’m sure they’re all vexed.

As I smile, sweet and pure,

Planning to what fits in next.