The Sun and The Ground | A Love Story

We did this many many years ago on The Fun Club.

We made puppets for the sun, the ground, the clouds and the flower from decorated paper bags. Fast, easy and fun.

The Sun and The Ground | A Love Story

The sun was shining

one sun shiny day

it gleamed so high in the sky

“Oh I love to look down

at the rich brown ground!

As I go sailing by.”





The ground looking up at the beaming sweet sun

Was filled with a joyful, glad, calm.

“I love you my sun

My beamer, my one.

I’d wave but I have not an arm.”



Neither  one would express

and neither could guess

so they passed one another for years

Put off ‘til  tomorrow

Love faded to sorrow

And clouds filled the skies with their tears



The clouds blocked the view of the sun and the ground

And both didn’t know what to do

The earth risked a part, a small piece of its heart

And there, a small flower grew


The flower’s sweet smell filled mountain and dell

I love you, the smell seemed to say

And the rain clouds soon parted

a romance was started

that lasts from then to this day



And what I have found

as I walk the rich ground

with the sun shining joy on my face

It’s essential and healing

To state what I’m feeling

Else love goes away with no trace.