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Wrinkle, Wrinkle

Wrinkle, Wrinkle on my face. Let’s be honest every place. Once my skin was tight and fair Muscles firm, nice derrière Think wise oak, not gnarled tree Old, fine wine – complexity.

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Myrtle and Marty

Myrtle and Marty Myrtle and Marty have been friends for life So close, most mistake them for husband and wife But Marty’s as gay as a musical play And Myrtle’s bed choices present varied voices In all other acts, they can blend without strife And co- beard when censorious riffraff are rife.

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VelKro Shoes

VelKro Shoes Velkro shoesies VelKro shoe Push to fasten is all I do. Fingers not nimble Thumbs don’t fit I got de Kro Don’t give a shit.

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Agnas eats Apricots Agnas eats apricots right off the tree “They may not be all ripe but they’re all right with me.” If you must know, I’ve difficulty bending my knee So it’s tree fruit or no fruit and I love fruit you see.”

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Use the form to subscribe

I love to hear from you – suggestions, critiques, raves – any and all. In order to keep track of everyone who wants to register, I’m using a mailchimp form. This allows me to stay in touch, but screens out the bots. I don’t understand why bots want to register, but hey… that’s their issue, […]

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New Photos of Adima Returning

The second book in the Adima Chronicles, Adima Returning, has been out for a while. If you haven’t read it, you are missing excitement magnifico. Katchinas, planes of existence and ohhh a couple of big reveals, including the actual existence of the …. no you have to read it to find out. Order a signed […]

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New Writings

I have been working on a book that involves bouncing back and forth between the early 1900’s and the present day. It’s a bit of a challenge. I have the ideas figured out, but now, I’m struck with bad writer syndrome – wanting to just explain it. No, I won’t let that happen.   By […]

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New users!

There seems to be an uptick in new registered users. I’m either being spammed by bots or interest is spreading. I’ll opt for the second choice. The messages of the Adima books are more important than ever – finding one’s inner power and learning to work with others. In addition, that fighting hate only feeds […]

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Guns and shooting

Interesting that when there is another shooting, things get very quiet around the NRA and other gun advocates. It should be obvious why. 1) There’s no argument to gain traction. 2) Those interested in controlling mass killing machines will soon be horrified by a new outrage. 3) It will be months or years before any […]

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Seeing pictures of Indiana University during world war 1. I’m struck that the state could conscript people to go do things they would not usually do – fight and kill. I considered, but did not have to face the decision of what to do if drafted. The draft ended 2 years before I was of […]

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New writings

I’ve added a new poem – My Twos – under Kids Poems.   I’ve added a new copy of the book formerly known as The Body Finders and now known as Where’s My Body.

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Adima Returning is Released

The second book in the Adima Chronicles is now available. Adima Returning hooks you and keeps you wriggling ’til the end. (No, it’s not about fish) Lots of cool visuals as the friends go to the sacred mesa where the Katsinim dance. They also travel to the 3 levels of existence. You can buy it […]

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Hopi Culture

I’ve studied the Hopi a lot. I am fascinated. I am also frustrated. Studying a culture by definition puts a distance between the culture and the person studying. I can never know what it is to be Hopi. Even if someone wanted to tell me, they couldn’t any more than I can tell someone what […]

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Blog posting on using AR for teachers

I am a big fan of books that provide a basis for future exploration. I hope you, as a reader of Anima Rising, are intrigued by the things you read. The more I research the Hopi people, the more amazed I am by them. Had I the money and time, I would go spend a […]

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Lovely phrase

I’m working on a rewrite of Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe, a book about a group of friends who come to drink and talk every summer Sunday in a run down gay bar in a small, Indiana college town. I enjoy the book, as I get to play with language a lot. I’m adding the entrance […]

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I Didn’t Think Her Death Would Bother Me. It was expected, after all.

My Mom had a stroke the first day of Spring 2013. She died a few days before Summer began. An expected end to a complex relationship, I was surprised how much sadness I felt. This is a little too gooey for my taste, but it was what I felt.   7/4/13 Oh tears wash me […]

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Gratitude about death

In the past year, my dear sister Becky died. I learned that even if I really, really want some, I don’t always get it. I’m still sad when I think of her sometimes, but I’m working on being glad…glad we got to travel the road together. Glad to share some time and idea. I wouldn’t […]

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Not feeling all the Christmassy

This one is rather bleak, but bleak is better than false joy. So, merry merry. I’ll post it, because if I sent it out, with appropriate painting, I think I would be inundated with calls from suicide hotlines. I’m not depressed. It’s a hard time and when things are hard, I believe we pull back […]

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The Yin and Yang of Writing + the Tao of Making a Name

Yesterday’s writing was amazing. Today it was a brick wall. I spent a lot of time organizing the pieces I have written and discovered (not surprising) that I had several takes on some of the sections. So, to put things together, I made new files. The good thing about this is that it means I’ve […]

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The Joys of Writing

Yesterday was the first day with the new book that I got that high from writing. When something doesn’t make sense and I ask the powers that be to help guide me and bang… a whole section that works comes out. It took an hour to come down from that. It was a great feeling. […]

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So much going on

I’m getting excited. The first blog interview came out in bookblather. Check it out here. The next interview comes out next week in the consciousness blog. I’m working on the web site, facebook, twitter and reviewing the print version that should be out in March. While all that is going on, I’m studying about Native […]

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Starting to do videos

I have the new camera set up nearly figured out. Yes, I KNOW there are lines. Next one will be better. Daphne the Dancer Here’s Daphne the Dancer – an appropriate first one. Next, I’m going to start posting Weavers.  

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Spring Is Bustin out

Here in the wilds of western Mass, tomorrow is the first day of spring. However, it’s been a long winter and there are still mounds of snow on the ground. A couple of days ago, I went to the back yard to try to clear the snow and ice that had covered our little dog’s […]

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Writing Time

I’ve been back in creative mode and it feels good. In the past month, I’ve written My Nose Knows and Of COURSE I did my homework. I’m also working on a new book – Cassidy and the Magic Skunk’s Button. Soon, I’ll start reading and posting those here and on da tube. For now, here’s […]

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stopping comments

Hi Folks, I hear from you often. I love that. However, I am also getting hammered with spam. So, for     a while, I am turning off comments. If you would like to submit a comment, do it via email steve thenputinTheLittleatsign powerstart dot com and I will post it.

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