5/12/17 Blog posting on using AR for teachers  From Unleashing Readers. I am a big fan of books that provide a basis for future exploration. I hope you, as a reader of Anima Rising, are intrigued by the things you read.


11/16  Lovely phrase

I’m working on a rewrite of Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe, a book about a group of friends who come to drink and talk every summer Sunday in a run down gay bar in a small, Indiana college town. I enjoy the book, as I get to play with language a lot. I’m adding the entrance of the villain. He is a bit too short and a bit too fat to get away with the leather/cowboy attire he is trying to pull off.

This morning, I was visited with this line – click the title to read more.


12/15  I didn’t think her death

A poem about loss. It took a while for Mom’s death to sink in, but I miss her.


12/15  Gratitude about death  Not such an upbeat time. It is now I’m very grateful to writing. It does allow me to capture a feeling. Sadness is a part of life. If you are happy all the time, you are either in denial or need to lower your meds.


12/15 Not Feeling. OK… last in this run… promise. If I’m bumming you out too much. Just skip it.

3/15 The Yin and Yang of Writing + the Tao of Making a Name . Writing is an up and down kind of thing. When it is good, my brain is a smoothly oiled machine and I like it.