Slash Across the Rolling Hills

 When hills in deeper darkness roll and the sun slices toward purple shadows then the fastest light will cross the paths of our hopes and plans for this world. See the time where you are standing.

Stand in the shadow. Stand in the sun. Hold out your hands to new light in the dawn in the early born air and feel the moisture rising, rising from the earth to the sun through the tender day’s light.

This is the time. That is the way


Here is the moment you find the time the sound the song the sun it falls so close to hopes, your dreams your time the instant’s choice bends close to you, and in that moment, your heart, your tears your joy rips through your sad weary wish for surcease alone and must decide the next crossing.

And There…right there… the sun cuts the shadow of the rolling hills Turning violet into golden and green.

In the days that come there will be many lovers who leave the way you wish to leave.


To leave to find the sun to find the shadow

You sit, bent, balanced but not broken between the lines.

As the sun slashes razor across the land across the hopes across the times and the keening of their lives


You wilding one, thou art Odin and Osiris and their world is the tale of the latest of the last time of the world

You will see the end of laughter lost ooooo fear oh the sorrow that is in the land the sun and the slash of the sorrow as the Land is destined to the people who must sink to their sorrow wishing upon wishing they could but see another choice.

To see the new dawn as the blessing

And if you wish to slay the worlds be still and harken to the sound of the harbor waves of the hounds, the hounds of doom are screaming the thing is right there crouching there leaping toward leaping with the slashing teeth of the hunger of life and the ends of the dreams that will ride to the last ends of the last ends to the hopeless blood pouring out on to the shadow

The hounds the sounds of horror for the last time of the comfortable dreams Now this is the time of leaving and of changing

Births are hard times and few seek them out

Screaming not to leave the womb we do not wish to change Death the birthing in to another world from the womb of this one

And some push gently to see the light to see the new and learn the joys and sorrows and pains and death again

In every birth there is the seed of our dying

So why do we try to live if we only will end in a bed under a rock on a plain in the land between sun and the rolling shadows of night as the hills roll in purple and the sun slashes light across the fields and you stand you stand you stand in the line as between the two worlds it burns from the darkness to the new day full of promise and pain

Where is the hope where is the rhyme Why do we stand in the line on the line Why do we not in terror run

It always will catch us so turn and lift your head and let the burning light engulf you For it may burn you to ashes or it may light your day it may light your day it may light your hopes and dreams and those crude reliquaries you carry with your loves, your learning, your hopes your dreams it may

Do all that

And it may burn and burn and burn And then

As your bones crumble to dust it will be done

Until the next cool evening when the rolling hills of fragrant purple hold their breath in hope and fear of the coming sun.


To the Ultimate King of the poor bubbies with joy for the travels and naps during meetings together.

 Steve  Schatz –

Special thanks to Susan Van Hulsk , who allowed me to use this as a memorial with no payment. So, return the favor and buy from her glorious images