Spring Is Bustin out

Here in the wilds of western Mass, tomorrow is the first day of spring. However, it’s been a long winter and there are still mounds of snow on the ground. A couple of days ago, I went to the back yard to try to clear the snow and ice that had covered our little dog’s grave. No go. So, I sat on the ice and talked to him for a while. He sure wouldn’t have liked this winter, with all the snow and ice. He liked warmth.

It’s a sad time, with bits of happy mixed in. My mom began to die on the first day of spring last year, with a stroke. It took three months for the clock to run down, but that was when it started.

Spring is the time when the work we have done during the planning part of the year begins to take shape. No more planning – now it’s get to work and start planting.

My new take on Weavers of Light – positioning it not as a YA novel, but revealing it’s real purpose, as a metaphysical experience, is very freeing. I am now sending it out to small and medium house publishers.

I’m also moving forward with Cassidy and the Magic Skunk. More on that in future.

I feel the universe beginning to swirl around Weavers. It’s taken a while of stirring a very thick pot to get the whirlpool turning and starting to move the rest of the world. However, it is happening now. The world certainly needs it.

So, with that bit of hope, I share the Spring Chant from Wee Wee Saves Spring, a play we did many years ago, where we had to wake up Ing, the thing that sings to wake up Spring.

The special chant is:

Wake up Ing, It’s time for Spring, We’re having fun, so Sign Ing Sing.

Dance, a play and chant to raise the planetary fun power enough to wake up that wonderful purple creature and start Spring.

It occurred to me today that the most powerful energy in the universe is joy. Hate and fear are massive and crushing. However, if you can feel joy in the face of fear, then it will shatter. Bullets may stop a single laugher, but laughter will always crush tyranny, hate and fear. It may take a while… but laughter will, like water, always find a way to bubble through the rocks and lap at the foundations until they must fall.