The Chanukah Clown Part 2 of 8

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part two (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown. Copyright Steve Schatz 2018 From


Suddenly, the bell on the toy shop door tinkled and in burst the strangest looking man. He was short and round. An old, black hat was pushed so far back on his he that it seemed a miracle that it didn’t tumble off as he waved his arms this way and that. Great tufts of tangled white hair stuck out from under the hat shooting off in all directions. And he was wrinkled – everywhere. His long, black coat was wrinkled. His face was wrinkled and crinkled and folded…everywhere except for his eyes, which twinkled and danced with joy as he looked all about the toy shop with a smile as dear and utterly happy as a child.

With a start, the old man realized that the toy maker was speaking to him. “And what can we help you with today, Sir?”

A cloud passed over the strange man’s eyes and he looked into memories filled with heartbreak and tears. He answered with a voice filled with excitements and sorrows in many strange lands and beautiful places, of nights alone with the wind and the stars.

“My niece. She is not well. All day she lies in the hospital and they can do nothing for her. She doesn’t move. She doesn’t open her eyes. She barely breathes. She just lies there and wastes away. I came as soon as I heard she was sick. I went to her bed side and looked down at this dear little girl – so fragile, so delicate, so sweetly sleeping, but not waking. I looked down at her and felt so sad…so sad. And then I thought, ‘Tonight is the eighth and final night of Chanukah. And what is Chanukah? Well, it is a celebration of a miracle! And then I KNEW!!! I knew that I had to find a present which would be the just exactly right, perfectly special and wonderful gift and bring it to my niece to celebrate this festival of miracles and then she will get well.”

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