The Chanukah Clown Part 3 of 8

The Chanukah Clown by Erica Berent

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part three (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown. Copyright Steve Schatz 2018 From


The clown art is from my dear friend Erica Berent. Check out her art work at


“And so, I have come here to find that just exactly right, perfectly special and wonderful gift.”

With that, he pulled out a battered black spectacle case, opened it and withdrew a pair of thick glasses. He perched these on the end of his nose and proceeded to comb through the store, pouncing on toys with great, “Ah Ha’s!” and “What have we here’s?”

When he saw a possible gift, he would grab the toy and turn it this was and that, peering at it through and over the top of the goggle-eyed glasses, all the while muttering to himself. However, each toy he chose would fail his inspection and, with a sigh, he would return it to its place. Then, he would begin searching the shelves again.

This went on for quite some time. All the other customers had gone and the toy maker was making anxious cleaning up motions, obviously wanting to close up and go home to his family. And still the old man searched.

Then his eyes fell on the little clown.

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