The Chanukah Clown Pt 1

As a Chanukah Gift, here is part one (of 8) of the Chanukah Clown.
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The Chanukah Clown
Once upon a time, in a pretty blue box on the top shelf of a toy store, lay a Chanukah Clown. For many weeks he had liked there quietly watching the parents and children look through the store and purchase toys and gifts to give to loved ones for Chanukah. Many had stopped and looked at the little clown, touched the yarmulke perched atop his fuzzy mop of hair or pointed to the tiny dradle he held clutched in his hand. Many had stopped and looked and ooohhed and ahhhed at his perfect hands and feet and happy, smiling face, but no one had chosen him. Now, here it was, early in the evening of the seventh day of Chanukah. Soon, the toy store would close as the toy maker hurried home to be with his family and light the candles to begin the eighth and final day of the festival of lights. Only a few more minutes and the little clown would not be part of someone’s Chanukah. He would lie in his box, in a back room, all year long until next year. For who would buy a Chanukah Clown, except at Chanukah?
“Oh dear,” thought the little clown. “I did so want to see some little child’s eyes light up and hear them laugh when they opened up my box and saw me smile at them! But now the crowds are thinning. Everyone is heading home and here I sit.” And the poor little clown felt very, very sad.
Suddenly, the bell on the toy shop door tinkled and in burst the strangest looking man.

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