The Yin and Yang of Writing + the Tao of Making a Name

Yesterday’s writing was amazing. Today it was a brick wall. I spent a lot of time organizing the pieces I have written and discovered (not surprising) that I had several takes on some of the sections. So, to put things together, I made new files. The good thing about this is that it means I’ve got a lot toward the next book. The bad is that I didn’t write much new. It didn’t help that a major wind storm kept knocking the power out and even though the computer is on a battery backup which is supposed to prevent it…when the power went out, the computer shut right off, all work lost. Tomorrow will be better.


I did, however, spend a lot of time delving into the world of YA blogs and blog tours and stuff like that. It actually looks like today’s publicity works very well for an introvert(ish) person like me living in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Top list authors do book tours – like folks who can fill a theater. Most everyone else does blog tours. I like that. I can answer questions and post vids from home. That is fun for me. The other thing is that I have wit (or something that rhymes with it, as my sis once said very primly), but I don’t have fast or sparkling wit. I’m one of those…. gee I WISH I had said people. That’s why I’m a writer. I get the idea, then I edit, edit, edit. My wit is of the in good time variety. So, I’m gathering names and getting ready to start sending emails.

I will also record the voice over for the promo or book trailer tomorrow.

Final good news is that I got final proofs for the print copy today. Tomorrow I review them and ok them and send them back. Then the publisher sends them off to the printer. Ooooo Ahhhh. It’s almost a real, hold it in your hands book!

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