Lots of vids of me reading my writing.

These first two are presented together as Sibling Rivalry 

1. In Daphne the Dancer , we meet Daphne and her brother Reginal.  with the cunning of a child. Her brother Reginald took first rights at nasty and blew chucks all over his sister’s dream. It is not from deep desire for evil or a driving hate. Maxwell rather likes Daphne. The one thing that stands him apart is that he has actually heard her sing. It is rumored that her pet lamb heard her sing once and poured fast-hardening cement in ears and   mouth to insure it doesn’t hear and isn’t drive to repeat it. Breathing is a challenge a eating…don’t go there .. this is for children. Daphne the Dancer

Civilizing Reginald  – Daphne’s reply to her brother – short, cute and now, with the vid and audio working. Reginald

Weavers of Light – Of course this will be long, as it’s a whole book. Each is 10 to 20 minutes long. First one has some audio issues. Will improve.



  1. What is Weavers of Light all about? 1.5 minutes to find out!
  2. Chapter 1 Part 1

  3. Chapter 1 – Part 2 – Enter Belecha

  4. Chapter 2 – First Ride

  5. Chapter 3 – First Flight

  6. Chapter 4
  7. Chapter 5 – Billy Gets a Job
  8. Chapter 6 – Rory’s Woes
  9. Chapter 7 – The First Challenge
  10. Chapter 8 part 1 – The Meaning of the Stone
  11. Chapter 8 part 2 – The Fire Explodes
  12. Chapter 9
  13. Chapter 10 – Tima and James