Weavers of Light

Weavers pitch

One, two, three, four. Or smack… out like a bug.

Four weeks to learn and live. Or burn.

Four challenges to grow and KNOW or death.

One, two, three, four.

The time of the single hero is past. Four teens. One-  Latino boy. Two fathers. Fundamentalist mother suing for custody. Two – strong willed painter, African American girl mothers her depressed mother. Three- bad boy, too smart for his drunk, white trash mother. Four – clear headed, third gen Japanese American farmer boy.

Four working together will save all… or together all will die.

Five teachers guiding. Wise, unable to act. Even with all their power they cannot unite like the teens.

Four powers : Raptor sees where the prey will be. Fire snake transforms and knows what must be left behind. Buffalo sings the long song of the earth. Whale crosses boundaries and unites.

Four must learn to live Aware, act with intention, create and learn so they, too become Weavers of Light. Open the stone. Unleash the Adima and sweep away the ancient stain.

One, two, three, four.

Chances?  Poor. Alternatives? None.

We are Adima. We weave the web with every aware act. I am Adima. Are you?


Speculative fiction for YA and up. 72,000 words.


Four weeks to learn and live or burn. Four teens with a stone that might help, if they can find out how. One sarcastic medicine man who has been waiting 5,000 years and is out of patience. An army of creatures who want to take over and suck the life out of everyone on the planet and rip apart the friends on their way.

Four weeks. Four challenges. Four friends. Not one hero – that’s old stuff and it doesn’t work. Four must work together. Four or nothing. They must touch their inner power – the bird that sees where the prey will be, not where it is. The fire snake that transforms and knows what is essential and what must be left behind. The buffalo that sings to the earth. And the whale that crosses boundaries and unites all.


On the surface Weavers of Light is a story about four teens who are led by an ancient medicine man to discover the powers at their core – the bird that sees where the prey will be; the buffalo, that dances with the earth; the fire snake that transforms and knows what to leave behind and what is essential and the whale that crosses boundaries and binds them together.

They face four challenges which makes each one realize the power at their core. As each learns their power, they connect more with the others and  understand the importance of living an aware life and acting with intention.

Their goal  – unlock a power stone and sweep away an ancient stain, the stain of human sacrifice and abdicating responsibility of the sacred to another. Succeed and a new era begins. Fail and a race that feeds on the life force of people and the planet will take over, using the planet and its people as a foodsource.

Next ring closer, Weavers is a story about how to live – the importance of taking responsibility to live aware and create with intention. Next ring in, it is a new model of the hero’s journey. This is not one hero and his friends. This is a group, each one essential, that breaks the duality of good and bad, hero or follower, us or them. It is a parable for life in the new age.  And finally, we arrive at the reason you and I are here – beyond people. ..beyond things. We are here to experience and learn and return to the sphere so all may rejoice in the experience.

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