Seeking patrons

I have decided to self publish Any Summer Sunday. I have also decided on a new kind of marketing –

  • I’ll give anyone who wants it a copy
  • Get the book (real paper) and you can download the ebook and the audio book for free
  • Pay anything you want. Suggested price is $15 (would you feel better if it was $14.95) plus shipping. However, think shareware – ask for it and you may have it, for whatever you think it is worth.
  • I will list the book on Amazon and if you buy it there, I ask you write a review (they really care about that).
  • To be able to do this, I will rely on the kindness of strangers (and friends). I will soon set up a paypal and a Patreon page. Before that, any pledges are very welcome. Contact me at steve at stevewrites dot com.

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