Any Summer Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe

How far will you go to save a friend from her desires?

Every Sunday evening, an odd assortment of friends gather to watch TiaRa del Fuego’s Parade of Gowns drag show in Hoosier Daddy, Maggawatta, Iniana’s only gay bar.

Against the backdrop of performance and song, they dish, bitch, drink and eat nachos at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe.

However, this Sunday, dear broken TiaRa, announces she has found love…yet again…and is leaving after the evening’s show to be with her new man. The friends know she is making a huge mistake…again.

A magical journey with song, tears, explosions of joy and an ample spicing of nasty grabs you, takes you places you never expected and leaves you with a kiss, wanting more.