Ghost Girl

A ghost story for ages 9 and up.

The Ghost – Mattie died horribly nearly 100 years ago, swept away in a flood while her pa tried to kill her with a huge axe. Now she is stuck in the little town with buckets of water pouring over her all the time. She’s not even allowed in the graveyard. She’s spunky, pushy and has as much fun as she can – given her situation – being 11 years old forever.

The Boy – Nate was dragged to live in the little, hick town by his mother. All he wants is to get back to his friends and his dad back in Boston. He doesn’t have any friends here and doesn’t want any.

The Mystery – Mattie can’t find her body. She only has eight days to find it or she is banished to the Badlands forever.

The Weird Thing – Nate can see Mattie. He’s the first person in a long time who can. He’s not that thrilled about it. In fact, he refuses. Mattie knows he’s her last chance to find her body. She rips half her face off and shakes it at him (ghosts can do things like that) to convince him to help. To make her stop, he agrees.

The Others – A crazy, old cat lady, some old lady ghosts, a friendly librarian. Time is running out and Mattie’s Pa is back from the grave, swinging his axe and trying to stop Mattie and Nate.

WARNING: Your parents might get scared and worried that you are reading about gross and sometimes violent things. There ARE some scary and gross and really mean things in this book (but it is a made up story – so tell them not to get too scared).